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9 Custom House Quay, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BG

Tel: 01305 786839

Opening Hours

Monday—Friday (09:00—16:00)
Saturday (09:00—16:00)
Sunday (09:00—16:00)


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Our Passion is for People

Welcome to the EBIKE CAFE.

new home of

Dorset CycleLife

Our philosophy at the EBIKE Cafe is all about ‘Health & Wellbeing’. Eating healthy and regular exercise is even more important as we all navigate this new normal in the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can now join us inside at the EBIKE Cafe or outside in our seating area overlooking Weymouth’s picturesque old harbour or you can takeaway, the decision is yours.

We are open for EBIKE sales, servicing and repairs within the EBIKE Cafe, however, we would highly recommend booking an appointment with us first by calling Peter or Josephine on 01305 786 839. They will be able to help you learn more about EBIKING, how EBIKES work, booking your EBIKE in for a service or repair or more information on our current range in stock.

When you arrive for your appointment, Peter and Josephine can give you their undivided attention.

What are ebikes?

Pedal assisted electric bicycles.  More…

How much do they cost?

Prices from £2000. More…

How far can I travel on each charge?

Average range on one charge is 50 miles. More…

Which bike is right for me?

Many options and possibilities available. More…

FAQ button - EBIKE weight

Why are they so heavy?

From 15kgs – 24kgs. More…

What are the benefits of an ebike vs. a non ebike?

There are many, give us a call to discuss. More…

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Bicycle manufacturers have responded very rapidly to the events of 2020.  Our main brand – Specialized – is a Californian company and a very good example of this dynamism.  Lauded widely as the best bikes, they are industry-leading and highly desirable.  You can see the options by clicking through to our website www.dorsetcyclelife.com  Their range of urban, MTB and superlight commuting bikes has something for everyone, all backed up by an industry-leading  warranty.

We also sell the ever-popular Raleigh Motus and Centros Bosch-motored ebikes as well as the whole range from the innovative German manufacturer Haibike.

From the large variety of ebikes we sell we can show you the best options for you – urban, eMTB, touring or cargo.

We always keep bikes in stock for you to buy and take home that day. We always have demo bikes available. Our workshop is heavily booked – we always prioritise you, our customers, over others.

We are immensely proud of our knowledge and products. We are passionate about showing them to you. Ideally, if you can make an appointment (phone or email) we will be able to serve you better. More…

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Specialized are the recognised industry leader in the field of eMTBs (An eMTB is a mountain bike with an integrated motor that assists the rider when pedalling). In the “legacy” cycling universe they dominate every space, winning Classic races, Grand Tours and being the bike of choice for every sporting and recreational cyclist. More…

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The Knaap bikes provides a powered motor in the rear wheel to give a level of assistance that helps the rider reach a maximum speed of 15mph whilst gently spinning the pedals meaning that almost anyone, of any level, fitness, weight and ability can ride these bikes. The great benefit of the Knaap bikes in particular is that they are road legal for carrying 2 riders. More…

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From the introduction of the first ever electric mountain bike, to the sophisticated geometry of our eMTBs today; Haibike is always innovating and setting new design and technology standards. More…

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Raleigh Bikes UK, they’ve an incredible range of electric bikes to suit various budgets and needs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish folding bike with an extra level of assistance for your commute, or a rugged adventure bike to explore rougher terrains with – We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect electric bike for you in their range. More…

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We carry out ebike specific tasks including full diagnostics and software updates. Our workshop is equipped with diagnostic systems to support our customers.

Ebikes are sophisticated pieces of expensive kit that should be looked after, they will survive pretty heavy abuse out on the roads and trails but having invested all that money we do urge you as a minimum to clean your bike, lube the transmission and look after the battery.

Advice is always free and we are delighted to share our experiences and tips either face-to-face or over the ‘phone, whatever suits you.  We do not service or repair non-ebikes.  More…

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We pride ourselves on locally sourced, sustainable and quality ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint and support our community. We believe that the key to a positive wellbeing is a healthy diet, with an active lifestyle.

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All available for eat in or take out. Bowls consist of a thicker smoothie blend served in a bowl topped with wholefoods.
GREEN GODDESS SMOOTHIE – Avocado, spinach, kale, kiwi, banana, coconut milk & honey (VE, V, GF, DF) CONTAINS NUTS
GREEN GODDESS BOWL – A thicker blend of above topped with banana, kiwi, blueberries, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, & linseed mix (VE, V, GF, DF) CONTAINS NUTS
VERY BERRY SMOOTHIE – Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, peanut butter, & coconut milk (VE, V, GF, DF) CONTAINS NUTS
VERY BERRY BOWL -A thicker blend of above topped with strawberries, raspberries, coconut flakes, almonds & chai seeds (VE, V, GF, DF) CONTAINS NUTS
SUNSHINE SMOOTHIE – Bango, papaya, pineapple, banana, coconut milk & honey (VE, V, GF, DF) CONTAINS NUTS
SUNSHINE BOWL – A thicker blend of above topped with banana, blueberries, coconut flakes, linseed mix & chai seeds (VE, V, GF, DF) CONTAINS NUTS
CHOCOHOLIC SHAKE – Cocoa powder, chocolate chips, banana, rolled oats, peanut butter, coconut milk & maple syrup (V, GF) CONTAINS NUTS
CHOCOHOLIC BOWL – Ingredients as above topped with banana, almonds, chocolate chips, coconut flakes & melted peanut butter. (V, GF) CONTAINS NUTS
(V) – Vegetarian (VE) – Vegan (DF) – Dairy Free (GF) – Gluten free
All available on Gluten Free breads on request, for eat in or take out. 
AVOCADO ON SOURDOUGH with crumbled feta & chilli flakes (V) (available without feta VE/DF)
Brie, cranberry & spinach panini (V) (available with vegan cheese)
Tomato, green pesto & mozzarella panini (V)
Tomato, spinach & vegan cheese panini (VE, V, DF)
Bacon, brie & cranberry panini
Prosciutto Ham, cheddar cheese & caramelised onion chutney panini
Keep it simple, bacon panini
(V) – Vegetarian (VE) – Vegan (DF) – Dairy Free (GF) – Gluten free (N) – Nuts
SUPERFOOD —Kale, spinach, quinoa,
avocado, beetroot, grated carrot, chilli & ginger dressing. (V, VE)
£7.95 (torn chicken + £1)
THE GREEK– Hummus, pitta bread, couscous, rocket, chopped tomatoes, olives, cucumber, feta cheese (V) (available without feta DF/VE)
(V) – Vegetarian (VE) – Vegan (DF) – Dairy Free (GF) – Gluten free
Gluten free, Dairy free and Vegan available
Sponge Cake
Mince Pies
Assorted Crisps

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Our Vision

Our core values are to be part of changing people’s lives and our vision to create a community hub and safe space. We will be offering hire of our electric bikes to give clients the opportunity to explore Weymouth & Portland and what it has to offer. We are aware that since these challenging times, mental health is a priority for many of us. Our staff won’t judge, we will encourage and inspire. We will be providing simple, healthy, and sustainable food for our clients with good quality products from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.

With our available ebikes for hire, ‘You don’t have to be fit to have fun!’

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In June 2014 Dorset CycleLife opened in Poundbury, Dorchester. Over the next 6 years, we brought ebikes – and all the benefits of riding them – to a huge number of people.

Move forward to January 2021 and the world is a different place. Global pandemic, new methods of moving ourselves around in urban environments and an over-arching understanding that we must look after our health, and that of the planet.

The EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers has at its heart a continuation of our existing bike sales operation (Dorset CycleLife) with the addition of 2 new elements – the cafe and an ebike hire service.  Dorset CycleLife has moved totally from Poundbury and relocated to this beautiful, unique location in one of the sunniest and most cyclist-friendly locations in the South. This development is a natural progression for the original Dorset CycleLife business, allowing us to offer clients a real focus and community.

The development of our original business, Dorset CycleLife, to the new EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers was born out of chance meeting between 3 of the people involved. When we first discussed it, it made sense. Absolute sense. We are very aware that we have a fantastic community of customers, riders and friends all of whom get ebikes, the benefits and the sheer fun they bring to anyone’s life.

Come and visit Dorset CycleLife in our new home – at the ebike cafe @ Deheers!

Our passion for people is infectious! We love to connect with you all on social media, it’s all about sharing the love. We hope you like our safe haven and community hub as much as we do…

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9A Custom House Quay, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BG

Opening Hours *Seasonal*

Monday—Friday (09:00—16:00)

Saturday (09:00—16:00)

Sunday (09:00—16:00)

EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers | Custom House Quay | Weymouth