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9 Custom House Quay, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BG

Tel: 01305 786839

Opening Hours

Monday—Friday (09:00—16:00)
Saturday (09:00—16:00)
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We look forward to showing you a better way of life!

When Dorset CycleLife opened in June 2014 in Poundbury, we sold a mixture of crank-driven and some (a very few!) hub-motored electric bikes.  Over the past 6 years, the EBIKE market has changed beyond all recognition… We often use the analogy of mobile phones when they first appeared in the 1990s and how that market has evolved.  Most of our customers were recreational and leisure riders.  Our demographic was very much the silver pedaller!

The world is now a different place – global pandemic – new methods of moving ourselves around in urban environments and an over-arching understanding that we must look after our health, and that of the planet.  To enable us to serve better the needs of our clients we moved Dorset CycleLife from Poundbury to the EBIKE Cafe, Custom House Quay, Weymouth. The EBIKE Cafe gives us far larger premises with stunning scenery and riding, allowing us to offer customers the continued top-level service from our sales and workshop as well as a café open to all – but especially geared up for our cycling clients.

Our main brand – Specialized – is a Californian company, lauded widely as the best bikes, they are industry-leading and highly desirable.  Their range of urban, MTB and superlight commuting bikes has something for everyone, all backed up by an industry-leading transferable warranty.

We also sell the ever-popular Raleigh Motus and Centros Bosch-motored EBIKES as well as the whole range from the innovative German manufacturer Haibike.

We always keep EBIKES in stock to buy and take home the same day. We always have demo EBIKES available. Our EBIKE workshop is always busy – we do, of course, always prioritise you, our customers, over others.

We are immensely proud of our knowledge and products and we are passionate about showing them to you.  Ideally, if you can make an appointment (phone or email) we will be able to serve you better.


Specialized are the recognised industry leader in the field of eMTBs (An eMTB is a mountain bike with an integrated motor that assists the rider when pedalling). In the “legacy” cycling universe they dominate every space, winning Classic races, Grand Tours and being the bike of choice for every sporting and recreational cyclist. More…


The Knaap bikes provides a powered motor in the rear wheel to give a level of assistance that helps the rider reach a maximum speed of 15mph whilst gently spinning the pedals meaning that almost anyone, of any level, fitness, weight and ability can ride these bikes. The great benefit of the Knaap bikes in particular is that they are road legal for carrying 2 riders. More…

Couple riding their Haibike EBIKE's through a forest


From the introduction of the first-ever electric mountain bike to the sophisticated geometry of our eMTBs today; Haibike is always innovating and setting new design and technology standards. More…


Raleigh Bikes UK, have an incredible range of electric bikes to suit various budgets and needs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish folding bike with an extra level of assistance for your commute or a rugged adventure bike to explore rougher terrains with – We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect electric bike for you in their range. More…

What kind of EBIKER are you?

The first is the traditional EBIKER you would expect to see. The slightly more mature but still keen cyclist who wants to keep riding up the hills and getting out and about in Dorset’s beautiful countryside. For this group the Specialized Vado and Como ranges are ideal. For the longer, more touring-focused rides try one of the Bosch or Yamaha motored Haibike Trekking bikes.

Secondly the very rapidly expanding group of EBIKERS (eMTBers). Haibike “invented” eMTBing back in 2012, and Specialized have come to dominate the category as the BEST in the field. In and around West Dorset we have some superb riding – Puddletown woods, the Ridgeway, hundreds of bridleways and routes all off-road. EMTBing has become mainstream – we have our own race series up and down the country – some of our customers even race abroad now. The quality and performance of our eMTBs from Specialized is stunning. Come and ride the bikes with their different drive systems and you should be able to pick the one that appeals to you most. There are definite differences between Brose and Yamaha – one is not better than the other – just different!

Thirdly we have adventure EBIKERS – the Fat bikes and gravel bikes. These go-anywhere adventure machines are awesome bits of kit. Go anywhere, do anything and booming in popularity. Specialized have recently introduced their Creo range. These bikes have more compact drive units and batteries, offering less outright power but just as much range and offering more traditional cyclists the opportunity to carry on riding their traditional routes but with the benefit of knowing they have assistance should they need it. Come and try the Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO. Get ready to put your biggest gravel days on fast-forward.

Whatever group you fit into (or think you’d like to fit into) come and see Josephine and I (Peter) here at the EBIKE Cafe, Custom House Quay, Weymouth and more importantly our EBIKES. We genuinely have something for everyone and we will ensure you get the right bike for your EBIKING adventures …

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