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9A Custom House Quay, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BG

Tel: 01305 786839

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday (09:00—16:00)
Saturday (09:00—16:00)
Sunday (09:00—16:00)


EBIKE Servicing

Repairing and servicing your EBIKE could not be easier at the EBIKE Cafe. Our fully fitted workshop has everything we need to get your EBIKE serviced, repaired, inspected and set up prior to delivery and to keep it on the road in tip-top condition thereafter.

Modern electric bikes are fairly simple things. 90% of your bike can be serviced by any competent bike shop. The interesting bits, all wrapped up and out of sight, are best left to us. We have had training from Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano on their systems and have the necessary diagnostic equipment to be able to resolve any problems. If we can’t get you rolling again then we have access to and accounts with, Bosch and Yamaha helplines and workshop technicians who will do their best to get you mobile again.

Your electric bike should be serviced as laid out in the service manual. We recommend annually servicing for your Bosch bike where we can plug the bike into our Bosch diagnostic system. This will update the latest software to the computer and PCBs as well as giving us a report into the condition of the cells in the battery. Similarly, with Yamaha and Shimano we use computer-based plug-in diagnostic systems.

During the Spring and Summer months, we are heavily booked so please do book in by calling us 01305 786839.  Please do not be offended if we can not fit you in if your bike was purchased elsewhere – we have to prioritise our clients.

The cost of our annual service is £80.

Sorry, we can not service or repair Chinese, hub-driven bikes and we do not service or repair non EBIKES.

One of the EBIKE Cafe's technicians servicing an EBIKE


We are a certified service centre for Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano crank-drive systems.

We carry out e-bike specific tasks including full diagnostics and software updates. The workshop is equipped with diagnostic systems to support our customers.

Remember that your EBIKE is a sophisticated piece of expensive kit that should be looked after. They will survive pretty heavy abuse out on the roads and trails but having invested all that money we do urge you as a minimum to clean your bike, lube the transmission and look after the battery.

Advice is always free and we are delighted to share our experiences and tips either face-to-face or over the ‘phone, whatever suits you.


  • plus parts as required
  • per hour/part hour


While you wait for your EBIKE to be serviced or repaired, take some time out in the EBIKE Cafe and enjoy some health tasty treats.

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A technician working on an EBIKE's wheel
Tool box used in servicing your EBIKE
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