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9A Custom House Quay, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BG

Cafe Tel: 01305 786839
eBike Sales Tel: 01305 581516

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BIKE & EBIKE Servicing



Repairing and servicing your eBike, bicycle, road bike, mountain bike, or gravel bike could not be easier and more accessible at the EBIKE Cafe. 

From our fully fitted workshop, Simon and Will, our ‘Cytech’ accredited bike technicians, have everything they need to get your bike or eBike serviced, repaired, inspected and kept on the road in tip-top condition.


Wheels, brakes, drivetrain (gears), headsets, handlebars, seating and the fitting of accessories. Whatever your bike needs from a puncture repair to bike packing ready for your expedition. 

Your bike will be serviced and or repaired quickly and efficiently. Simon will get you and your bike back on the road quickly.

We may be able to do your repairs while you wait in the cafe.


Simon and Will, our ‘Cytech’ accredited bike technicians, are the co-founders of Camber Cycle Works. When our longstanding mechanic retired towards the end of 2022, we began collaborating with Simon and Will. It went so well that we have decided to expand our business to cover the service and repair of all kinds of bicycles and eBikes.

Simon and Will share Peter’s passion for all things two-wheeled. Having worked together since 2017, they bring over two decades of experience in the bike industry. Working for high street chains, respected independents, and big-name brands such as Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale, as well as custom frame builders. They pride themselves on being able to work on any bike and treat it with the utmost care and attention to detail.



If you have bought a bike online, our ‘Unboxing & Building’ service takes all the worry and stress of putting your bike together.

Simon will unbox, build and inspect your bike, ready for your to cycle away. You could even get your bike delivered to us, and we’ll work on it as soon as it arrives.

For more information on our unboxing and building service drop us an email at info@ebikecafe.co.uk

Technician servings a Specialized eBike
Unboxing and building a Specialized eBike


  • The ‘Full Works’, where your bicycle is stripped back to its frame, with all components cleaned and serviced before rebuilding. This service level includes electronic component customisation.
  • Inspection of all parts for wear and safe operation.
  • Stripping bike of all parts back to bare frame.
  • Cleaning of frame and parts.
  • Cleaning and truing of wheels.
  • Degreasing and cleaning of all drivetrain and transmission components.
  • Degreasing and cleaning of all braking components.
  • Servicing/fitting of headset bearings.
  • Servicing/fitting of bottom bracket bearings.
  • Servicing/fitting of hub bearings.
  • Removal and refitting of all bolts and fixings to correct torque.
  • Fitting of any replacement parts.
  • Re-fitting, re-setting and re-lubrication of drivetrain, transmission and braking components.
  • A full set of new inner cables fitted as standard (not included in price).


  • Inspection of all parts for wear and safe operation.

  • Checking and adjustment of headset, wheel and bottom bracket bearings.

  • Wheels removed from frame, cleaned and trued if necessary.

  • Clean of complete bicycle.

  • Removal and degrease/cleaning of complete drivetrain including derailleurs.

  • Re-fitting, re-setting and re-lubrication of drivetrain including derailleurs.

  • Tuning and adjustment of brakes.

  • Checking, lubricating or replacing cables.

  • Fitting of minor replacement parts i.e: cables, brake pads.

  • Fitting of any standard service items ie: chain, cassette, tyres.


  • Inspection of all parts for wear and safe operation.

  • Tuning and adjustment of gears.

  • Tuning and adjustment of brakes.

  • Checking and adjustment of headset and wheel bearings.

  • Checking bottom bracket bearings and chainset.

  • Checking, lubricating or replacing cables.

  • Fitting of minor replacement parts i.e cables, brake pads.

  • Inflation of tyres to correct pressure.

The EBIKE Cafe Workshop in action


Technician working in our workshop


Your eBike should be serviced as laid out in the service manual. In addition, we recommend annually servicing for your Bosch bike, where we can plug the bike into our Bosch diagnostic system. This will update the latest software to the computer and PCBs as well as giving us a report on the condition of the cells in the battery. Similarly, with Yamaha and Shimano, we use computer-based plug-in diagnostic systems.

We are heavily booked so please do book in by emailing us at info@ebikecafe.co.uk or calling on 01305 786839.

Modern eBikes are relatively simple things. 90% of your eBike can be serviced by any competent bike shop. The interesting bits, all wrapped up and out of sight, are best left to us. We have had training from not only Specialized but also Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano on their systems and have the necessary diagnostic equipment to be able to resolve any problems.


Technician working on a Specialized eBikes derailleur


We are a Specialized ‘Partner Store’ and as such work very extensively on all Specialized bikes.

We are also a certified service centre for Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano crank-drive systems. We carry out eBike specific tasks, including full diagnostics and software updates. The workshop is equipped with diagnostic systems to support our customers. Remember that your eBike is a sophisticated piece of kit that should be looked after. They will survive pretty heavy abuse out on the roads and trails but having invested in one. We do urge you, as a minimum to clean your bike, lube the transmission and look after the battery.

Advice is always free and we are delighted to share our experiences and tips either face-to-face, email or over the ‘phone, whatever suits you.

The EBIKE Cafe Workshop in action
eBike diagnostics on a laptop in our workshop


While you wait for your EBIKE to be serviced or repaired, take some time out in the EBIKE Cafe and enjoy some health tasty treats.

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