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Why go electric?

Electric bikes are booming. Whenever you are on the Continent you see old and young breezing around urban and rural landscapes. They are simply another form of transport. They are not designed to replace 747s, cars or submarines. But once you have one in your collection of means of transport you will use it at any given opportunity. On this page we attempt to answer the FAQs, we get asked the most.

In the past 2 years, we have seen a big increase in environmentally aware transport. Increasingly we are learning that we need to change our lifestyles – food, housing and especially transport are all under the spotlight. Replacing your second car with an ebike, using an ebike for just a few journies a week will decrease your carbon footprint, lessen your impact on your immediate environment and obviously boost your own physical and mental well-being massively. Specialized, in particular, have a very strong ethical policy – and we, as good citizens – are very keen to support them. At Specialized, they know that bikes have the power to improve lives and change the world. Like all consumer products, however, the process of manufacturing bikes uses resources and produces waste. Specialized directly employs over 1000 people around the world, and at last count, they work with 260 suppliers to provide you with the best bikes and cycling accessories available. Not only that, but they’re also committed to continuously evaluating the impacts of their operations, learning what they can do better, and engaging with their employees, suppliers, and peers in order to improve. There is a carbon recycling program and code of conduct pertaining to all employees.

If you are reading this chances are you have had a ride on one already and are now doing some research to find out who is selling what and where. Great. You’ve arrived at one of the very best e-bike shops in the UK and we are ready to answer your FAQs.

We are e-bikers ourselves, we know the answers to your FAQs. We love riding e-bikes. We love being able to jump on a bike and just ride it. No lycra, no Strava, no sweat. Our road bikes will let you get to work on a daily basis – saving, time, money and getting you fitter and stronger.

For all the information relating to the legal use of ebikes in the UK please have a look here.

Here are some FAQs…

Frequently Asked Questions

They are bicycles with pedal assistance. They don’t go unless you pedal them like normal, unassisted bikes. There are no magic buttons / accelerators.

Our bikes start at £2000. The main cost of an ebike is in the lithium-ion battery. The bigger the battery the greater the range – it is your fuel tank ! As the bikes go up in price they will have higher specifications of components and carbon frames for example.

This depends on many factors. The absolute size of the battery / fuel tank, how much assistance you ask for – the lowest level of assistance uses the least charge. It is just like a car – you have a fuel tank and you can decide how you use the fuel each time you ride ! Correct use of gears, correctly inflated tyres, how tall you are – all make a difference.

This is the most important bit ! Everybody has different requirements and expectations. This is where it is essential to spend time talking to experts with the experience to guide you through the myriad of options. There are so many options and possibilities – all of our bikes are wonderful but some will be more wonderful for you than others !

Adding a battery, motor and anciliary drive components adds about 10kgs to the weight of a “normal” alloy, hybrid bike (12-14kgs). Most e-bikes are in the 22-24kgs weight range. Some of the latest generation are now around 15kgs…

An ebike is like your own personal, mobile gym. You decide how much exercise you want to do each time you ride. It is a bike – in the sense you have to pedal / exercise – but you decide how much effort you want to put in. There are no hills that a crank-driven ebike won’t climb up in our area – so no option of getting off and pushing or walking your bike (cheating as we call it!). An ebike has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of a “legacy” bike.


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